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Rules & Common Sense

Frowns, scowls, anger, etc., not allowed. Please leave these for another time and place.

  • Please do not let guests that do not have keys or passcodes into the facility. If someone knocks on the door don't let them in (sounds like o country western song). Allowing children to use the pool unsupervised could lead to a tragedy. For groups using the building for private parties - you must keep watch over the pool area to supervise any unauthorized or unsafe use.
  • All leashes should be accompanied by your pet. Please use the paved areas to walk to the "Dog Run"; there you will find o fenced area to let your dog do its thing. The pet waste bags can be obtained at the office. You are responsible to clean up after your pet. Please keep the bags or throw them away in the dumpster. We do not wont them back. We want you back, not the bags. Please no barking dogs or pets left alone.
  • Please respect the shower/bathrooms. Please no dishwashing, or hand laundering in the sinks or showers. Each of the tiles is 'one of a kind" and is a piece of art.
  • We pick up trash daily at 10 am. Please leave it in a trash bag at the edge of your driveway.
  • Motorcycles are for transportation only. Please do not use your motorcycles, 3 or 4 wheelers, go carts or skateboards in an unsafe manner. All motor vehicles observe 5 mph.
  • Going, Going, Gone: IF you leave your site and don't tell us, we will assume you are gone and rent your space.
  • Winter: You are required to provide all required heat tape and insulation to keep your AV and our site and pedestal from freezing.
  • Fires are not allowed. IF you have your own barbecue grill, please use it in a safe manner. No BBQs on tables, only BBQ sauce.
  • Messages: All messages will be posted on the bulletin board. IF you receive an emergency call, we will do our best to get a hold of you.
  • Fireworks and firearms are not to be fired in the park.
  • Generators: Please use the electrical pedestals for your power needs. Generators are allowed, we unfortunately do not want them running. One exception is your participation in the Christmas boat parade.
  • Clotheslines: Please use our laundry Facility or the washers and dryers built into your RV. Hanging your clothes out to dry could also leave you the same way.
  • Washing your RV or vehicle: Sorry, this is not permitted.
  • Pool: Children and adults that are not yet potty trained are not allowed in the pool unless they are wearing watertight diapers. An adult must accompany anyone under the age of 16. Parents are responsible for the safety and conduct of their children at all times. Children and adults are not to play on sites they are not registered to.
  • Check-out is 11 AM. We love to have you stay with us. Please let us know by then if you intend on staying. We may have reserved your space so you may be asked to move if there is a conflict with the reservation.
  • Refunds: There are no refunds unless cancelled within 6 years of your reserved check-in day. All rent must be paid by the following morning if you arrive after hours.
  • Books: We have hundreds of books available for you to read at no charge. IF you would like to take one with you, there is a small charge.
  • Partying: First rule is to invite the owners and staff so they can eat and drink all your stuff. We have the meeting room for all your party needs. Any party that uses the patio or gazebo must have approval from management. We have party rooms available for a fee.
  • Please park only in your assigned space. You can imagine what a mess this would be if people traded spaces without our knowledge.
  • Damage: You will be responsible to repair or replace park or guest property you may damage or break. However, we cannot be held responsible for any damage, injury, accident, fire or theft to yourself or another guest. Do as we say not as we do.
  • Neat and tidy: Your space is to be kept clean. neat and tidy. No under trailer or outside storage or trash is permitted. All vehicles must be kept in good and running condition.
  • Excessive traffic to and from your space will give the impression that you are operating a business or doing something illegal. IF we ask you to leave, you must do so, without any refund. We expect a very quiet and Fun park.
  • This is private property. The bank (the real owners) may own the majority of it, but we get to make the rules. Violation of our rules, local, state or Federal rules For antisocial behavior, drunkenness, profanity or loud talking is not allowed. Unfortunately those that do not follow the rules will be evicted from the park. Neither of us wants that to happen, so please try to be a terrific neighbor to everyone.
  • Never pound nails or spikes into the ground. We have many miles of pipes, wires, cable and other buried treasure above and below the surface. Please respect the Park and help us to make it the best stay of your life. We appreciate your business and want you and all your friends back, often.
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